Workplace Stress


Have you been noticing that you have this internal, maybe physical or existential struggle to get into work and do your job?

You may be waking up with anxiety or dread or find that when you get to work your job performance is being affected by feeling tightly wound, increased anger/outbursts and feelings of resentment or actively isolating yourself from your peers. You may have even said “I can’t do this anymore,” or worse suicidal thoughts or thoughts about harming others may have become you way out of this pain.

Maybe you have been coping with personality conflicts with coworkers, low self confidence due to being new in your field. Perhaps you have been working in a field you once loved but the impacts of the frontline work and the system you work within have lead to burn out, compassion fatigue or maybe even occupational stress injuries that have you on the sidelines.

These types of issues often show up outside of our jobs by impacting our relationship with our kids, partners, friends, family in our sex and intimate lives. We tend to reach out to distractions as a way to escape these feelings, face a system we can’t change or to distance from images and experiences we can never erase from our minds. Maybe your coping is no longer working for you; drinking/using/working too much, having affairs, taking it on our kids, or engaging in compulsive behaviours.

I invite you to come in and we can talk about where you need to start to move forward.

Throughout my counselling career I have accessed counselling as a way to process my own impacts of bearing witness to incredible pain. My own therapy and the communities I have worked in have helped me to find hope, challenge systemic violence/discrimination where I can and to always come back to the resourcefulness, resilience and strength of my clients.

I have a strong passion to work with healthcare, first responders and other frontline social service providers to get to the bottom of what is triggering you and we work together to work through these issues an come up with a plan that will either get you back to work, addressing systemic issues if and when possible, or finding a way to a new path where you can still live by your values and find balance and peace despite what you have faced in the workplace. Counselling support is often one piece of the process of addressing workplace stress and a holistic approach that addresses physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs is best practice.

I have attended Level 1 of the BC Professional Fire Fighters Cultural Competency training and have been endorsed at the Bronze level with future professional development on the horizon.