Frequently Asked Questions


Prior to the First Session:

We have a 15-20 minute consultation to see how I can help. If you decide you would like to proceed we book our initial session. If I can’t provide what you need I will refer you to someone who can.

Then I email you my intake and informed consent form and ask you to bring this to our first session.

What happens in the first session?

In our first session I review the intake form you received before the first session and discuss informed consent with you. We sign the forms and the next step is exploring your presenting concerns and gathering some history about you to gather a holistic sense of what you are facing, your strengths, resources and support systems in addition to what you have attempted so far to solve these problems. We are getting to know each other and exploring what you want to get out of therapy and set some initial goals for our work together and the approach(es) that fit your needs.

Appointments are 60 minutes or 90 minutes with time included for my clinical notes after we end our session.

Payment is due at the end of the session and we book your next appointment if you choose to do so.


Information about counselling sessions will not be released to anyone without your informed, voluntary, and written consent.

The exceptions include but are not limited to:

  • the mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse or other vulnerable adult abuse,

  • the possible reporting of risk of serious harm to self or other,

  • when so ordered by a court of law

Waiting Area:

There is a small waiting area and three counselling office in the overall space I work out of. I do my best to spread out my appointments so limit your running into someone in the waiting area, but given the nature of the space I can’t guarantee that you won’t see other people in the waiting area.

Confidentiality and Adolescents:

  • A child who is assessed by a health care provider as being capable to give consent is called a "mature minor". A child who is a mature minor may make their own health care decisions independent of their parents' or guardians' wishes. In B.C. there is no set age when a child is considered capable to give consent.

Support people:

You are welcome to bring a support person with you. They are welcome in session or can wait for you in the waiting area. Please discuss with me what your needs are.


Please provide 24 hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment so I can make your appointment available to someone else. You will be charged for your appointment if you don’t provide 24 hour notice.

Getting sick the day of happens please call me to discuss.

Extended health benefits and income tax:

Clinical counsellor fees are not covered by MSP but may be completely or partially covered by your extended medical plan or possibly deductible as a medical expense on income taxes. Please speak to your financial advisors to determine your eligibility.

Endorsement by BC Professional Fire Fighters Association:

I attended level 1 of the BC First Responders Mental Health Awareness training and am endorsed at the Bronze Level.

EMDR trained:

I have attended and completed Basic EMDR training in addition to some advanced trainings including:

  • EMDR and Play Therapy: A Playful Journey Towards Healing Presented by: Ana M Gómez, MC, LPC (October 19-20, 2018)

  • Reprocessing Early Childhood Trauma and Neglect with Infants, Children, Adolescents and Adults: Presented by Katie O’Shea MS, LCPC, LMHC (October 1-2, 2016)