I provide counselling services for Adults, Youth, Young Adults and Families.


Do you ever feel like you are the only one who feels the way you and everyone else has it all figured out ?

Are you struggling in your relationship with your family or perhaps coping with a loved one’s substance use, trauma or serious mental illness?

I work with teenagers from many cultures, gender identities and sexual orientations and make up of families. By working together, I will carefully listen to your story and your experiences. We will work together to build on the inner resources that you have already inside of you and work towards coping with these problems differently.

You will feel like you have a safe space to talk about what is going on for you, see if you can solve problems that are solvable, and you will learn some skills that will help you deal with these issues more effectively.

Our goal is to get you back or get you connected with activities that give you excitement, purpose or motivation like getting back to playing music, seeing friends, being involved in activism or enjoying sports or getting a rush without getting high. Help you figure out who your true self is.

You are not the problem the problem is the problem! Counselling is kinda like taking a road trip together. Imagine you’re driving and I’m in the passenger seat beside you. I have a map with a bunch of routes that we can go that would be helpful for our journey, but you’re ultimately in charge of where we go!

You and I may decide it would be helpful to have your parents or caregivers included in some of our sessions. Sometimes they could benefit from their own counselling and I can suggest counsellors who they can go see as well. Maybe we decide it’s a family problem and it’s better to just have everyone together and we go like that. Regardless, we will decide together, and you are in control.

young adults

Adulting can be hard work. All of a sudden it feels like you’re supposed to know what you want to be when you grow up and yet the rules keep changing.

You’re trying to break out on your own and build your own community, career and future and yet you feel lost, hopeless or are engaged with people or behaviours that are pulling you away from that best, true version of yourself. Maybe things have been more challenging for you growing up as in your own family you had cope with a parent or care giver who couldn’t always be present for you due to managing impacts of their own trauma, serious mental illness or addictive behaviours.

A lot of the young adults I have worked with are coping with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, low self worth, sexual assault, abuse and trauma and sexuality and gender identity concerns, and lack of authentic connection to others. Do you find you’re able to distract yourself using strategies such as substances, social media, and risky behaviour as a way to cope with all of this? In the short term it is a release and a relief, but long term you’re feeling like you’re in even more pain?

It can get better.

Here’s how I can help. I work with young adults of varying cultures, gender identity and sexual orientation. I will create a safe space where you will build trust in me, and I will listen to your story and your will feel heard and respected. Together we will collaborate on a plan to work together to achieve your goals of coming to therapy, help you solve problems that are solveable and learn skills that will help you unhook from painful emotions, thoughts and behaviours and start doing things that lead you to a rich and meaningful life.


Are you a parent or caregiver who is noticing that childhood trauma is being triggered in your relationship with your children?

Or perhaps playing a tape over and over about past relationships or experiences and feel like you just can’t move past this or ever get what you want?

Maybe you are coping with your partner’s trauma, mental health and or addiction history.

If you know that your past has been impacting your present and you recognize you need to learn how to do things differently today, I can help.

I work from a strengths based, integrated approach that is grounded in developing a deep understanding about your experiences and worldview. I work with people from varying cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations and family makeups.

I will support you to:

  • solve problems that are solvable

  • learn skills that will help you unhook from painful emotions, thoughts and behaviours

  • take action towards you having a rich and meaningful life


Are you coping with addiction and mental health concerns with your teen or adult child?

It is very lonely facing this problem in our communities today. There is a real sense of shame and isolation when it comes to supporting a teen or adult child with an addiction and or serious mental health concerns. Our culture is moving towards destigmatizing it, and support for families is increasing.

However, loving a teen or adult child with an addiction is a pain that is hard to bare. In our current world parents who have a child with an addiction are especially fearful of risk of overdose death due to the opiod crisis amongst other traumas the family is coping with together.

I support parents to have a safe space to talk about these fears and live with the ongoing trauma of caring for a loved one with an addiction. I can provide resources and services in the community, but our main work will be care for the caregiver. Giving you tools and skills to live with a problem that may not be solvable and to build self-care and skills to unhook from painful, thoughts and emotions and still create a life that is meaningful despite this pain and loss.