I support individuals who are coping with navigating the relationships in their lives. These could be family, friends or work relationships or intimate ones.

You may be experiencing some of these issues:

 ·      Ruminate over the past, or get triggered by past relationships in present ones

·      isolate out of fear of being hurt or writing off dating all together

·      Concerns about sex and intimacy

·      Low self-worth

·      Noticing patterns in your conflict and pain in relationships

·      Impacts of supporting a partner or family member who may be coping with physical, mental or emotional concerns

·      Difficulty with setting boundaries and struggling in communicating your needs 

Can counselling help relationship issues?

 We will work together to unpack and explore the relationships in your life. We will start by working on your relationship with yourself first by: exploring self-care, meeting your own needs and learning how to communicate your needs to others. We will explore boundaries in relationships and above all use our relationship as a way to practice these new skills while learning to track your experiences (thoughts, feelings and sensations) in the present moment. You will feel more empowered as you practice these skills in your life and make decisions about relationships you have today.